We recently hired Jeffrey to help us with a franchise related matter, ultimately leading to an amendment to a poorly written agreement. His expertise, guidance, general demeanor and timely follow up make him a pleasure to work with. Should the need arise, we'll be using him in the future

- Bart Fesperman

I've been involved with franchising for 15 years and I've seen many concepts come and go. Some because their idea wasn't as great as they thought it might be, but others simply because they didn't build a system that could meet the incredible demands a franchise community makes of its franchisor.
Whether its supply chain, standardized development requirements, protected territories, recommended vs. required vendors, marketing funds or non competes, they ALL matter. And, if you've failed to set your system
up properly, you'll have a harder time withstanding the storm of the franchise community. This is why it is so important to find a solid franchise attorney to help you get started. The one thing that matters more than anything else is experience. Without significant experience you may be putting yourself at risk by selecting an attorney who perhaps hasn't seen enough of what could go wrong in
franchising to adequately guide you and protect your interests. It is for this reason that I chose and recommend Jeff for anything franchise law related. He's been a franchise
attorney practicing in AZ for a very long time and he's represented some of the nation's biggest and best concepts. As I was working through the FDD process, Jeff was able to ask questions of me that had me view the business in new dimensions. His ability to bring forward real world examples of some of the major issues young concepts face is important. I was able to get through the FDD process with him in just a few weeks and
we are getting ready to file soon. I'm not certain i would've received this kind of care and attention from a large franchise law firm where most of what your paying for is name recognition and the bloated cost of interns,
office space and expense accounts. Jeff delivers a better quality product at a fraction of the price. I've been very happy with Jeff and strongly recommend him to any existing or start up concept looking for franchise law assistance.

- Douglas Payne