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Before you can begin franchising your business, you must draft a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). An FDD is required to be disclosed to a prospective franchisee before a franchise can be sold to them. This full disclosure of information about the franchise opportunity is based upon the principle that the Government has an interest in protecting its citizens from buying a franchise containing the omission or misrepresentation of important information. Jeffrey Frankel can handle this for you.

While our office is based in the Phoenix, AZ area, we provide FDD drafting and registration services for business owners nationwide. You can trust our franchise attorney to draft an FDD that complies with federal law so you can proceed with your plan.

Reach out now to start working on FDD drafting and registration. We look forward to helping you with this crucial step toward reaching your franchising goals.

3 Things to Know about FDDs

You might want to know more about FDD drafting and registration if you're new to franchising. Check out these fast facts:

  1. The FDD is a 130-page document that covers information on 21 topics required by federal and state franchise law. It also includes the franchise agreement and other agreements and exhibits that the prospective franchisee will be asked to sign.
  2. This information is included in the FDD on the principle that the Government wants to protect the franchisee's interests. It ensures that a franchisor does not sell a franchise containing omissions or misrepresentations that could take advantage of them.
  3. The FDD must be filed and approved filed in several "registration" states before franchising in those states can start.
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