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Keeping your franchise program going strong doesn't have to be a hassle. Jeffrey Frankel of the Law Office of Jeffrey Frankel, PLLC can help. You can turn to him for help maintaining a franchise anywhere in the U.S.

Franchise agreements can go through many changes, like:

  • Amendment
  • Renewal
  • Relocation
  • Resale
  • Default
  • Involuntary termination

Thankfully, our attorney can assist with these events and handle your franchise maintenance needs. He'll go the extra mile to help the franchiser or franchisee achieve the optimal outcome.

Need help renewing your franchise agreement after your five- or ten-year term? Want to change your business model while you're maintaining a franchise? Schedule a consultation about franchise maintenance with our attorney today. While our office is based in the Paradise Valley and Phoenix, AZ area, we can work with business owners nationwide.

Learn the legal difference between licensing and franchising

There's a fine line between licensing and franchising. A franchise program requires:

  • The payment of a franchise fee
  • The grant of a license to use the franchise brand name and propriety information
  • A specific business format that makes the franchise unique

A license only requires two of these three elements, and a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is not needed for sale. Since getting a license can be simpler than franchising, some business owners will use this format. Unfortunately, some may slip into the franchise model, which has legal repercussions. Help prevent yourself from being in this situation by seeking counsel from Jeffrey Frankel. He'll help you plan your next business moves carefully.

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